The Secret Power of Renderless Components

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Scoped Slots + Renderless Components =

Game Changer

What is a "scoped" slot?


Slots allow parent components to inject
content into child components.

"Default" Slot

// App.vue - Parent

// MyComponent.vue - Child

"Default" Slot - Result

Child Heading

Hello World!

What if you want to inject into multiple locations?

"Named" Slots

You can have as many named slots as you want,
in addition to the default slot.

Named Slots

// App.vue - Parent

// MyComponent.vue - Child

Named Slots - Result

Parent Heading

Hello World!

What if you want to refer to child component data?

Scoped Slots

"Scoped" slots have access to child component data.

Scoped Slot Example

// App.vue - Parent


// MyComponent.vue - Child


Slot props can be destructured

// App.vue - Parent


This also works with default slots

// App.vue


Important Note

The slot API we are looking at is from Vue 2.6+. If you are using an earlier version of Vue things will work exactly the same, but the API is slightly different.

What is a renderless component?

Standard Vue Component

// MyComponent.vue


Alternative: Inline Template



Alternative: Render Function



createElement() generates virtual nodes that will be inserted into Vue's virtual DOM.


// @returns {VNode}
'div', // String or function that returns a tag name

// {String | Array}
// Children VNodes, built using `createElement()`,
// or using strings to get 'text VNodes'. Optional.
'Some text comes first.',
createElement('h1', 'A headline'),
createElement(MyComponent, {
props: {
  someProp: 'foobar'
createElement() is sometimes called h()

Vue Template Explorer

Use the Template Explorer to see how render functions are generated by Vue behind the scenes:

What happens when we combine render
functions and scoped slots?

Render slot content

// MyComponent.vue


This is now a "renderless" component.


// App.vue


"Renderless" components allow us to inject functionality that does not rely on specific UI/UX.


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More about slots:

Advanced Vue Component Design

by Adam Wathan

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