Vue and ThreeJs - Part Two

Now that we have our three-dimensional sceen rendering, let's see if we can add some controls that will allow the user to manipulate what they see. More »

Laravel Passport and Travis CI

When using Laravel Passport in a project that uses Travis for continuous integration, it is important to make sure that the testing environment on travis is configured properly, otherwise you may encounter errors that will prevent your build from passing. More »

Using Tailwind with SASS, Vue-CLI and Wepback

I recently decided to revamp my personal home page as a Vue SPA. I am not much of a designer, so I am going to use a free design from HTML5 Up! as a starting point and riff from there. Most of those templates make heavy use of Sass - of which I am a big fan. Theoretically you can use PostCSS plugins to replicate everything that SASS does, but I am not ready to make that leap yet. Perhaps someday. So, my plan is to use the Vue CLI webpack starter template along with an HTML5 Up design as the foundation for my new site. More »

Simplify Validation Messaging with Blade Directives

I am a big fan of templating tools, and Laravel's Blade templating system in particular. Given that PHP itself was originally conceived as a templating language you might think that using an additional layer of templating on top of PHP is a bit ironic, but I do think there is a real benefit. We as developers often get caught up in the details of the applications we are building and can sometimes forget that these applications will (hopefully) have a lifespan that goes beyond the work of a single developer. Anything we can do to simplify the cognitive overhead required to bring new developers on-board will go a long way towards keeping our codebase alive and healthy. When used correctly, templating systems like Twig, Mustache or Blade can be a very effective for this purpose. More »

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