The Cutting Ball Theater -


The Cutting Ball Theater is a mid-size theater company located in San Francisco that focuses on experimental plays and poetical re-interpretations of classics. I have been involved with The Cutting Ball in several capacities since it was originally founded. In 2010 we decided to completely re-vamp the company's website to modernize the look & feel as well as take advantage of technologies that weren't available when the original site was put together.

Technical Details:

  • WordPress

Project Goals:

  • Create a web presence that reflected the organization's mission statement using a visual language consistent with the company's branding.
  • Find a design and structure that makes it as easy as possible for patrons to access information, while still allowing for the flexibility of future organizational growth.

Highlighted Achievements:

  • The site structure is modular and, thanks to WordPress, easily edited and updatable by myself or other members of the staff.

Special Features:

  • Each season we re-visit the site layout and tweak content and color schemes to reflect the branding of upcoming programs and events.
  • The Cutting Ball has been actively experimenting with the use of Twitter as a tool for publicizing their productions and selling tickets. We periodically re-work how Twitter feeds and search results are incorporated into the site to facilitate that exploration and support new marketing ideas.