Phylos Bioscience Testing Platform -

Phylos Home Page Screenshot

Phylos Bioscience is a new startup in the cannabis industry based out of Portland, OR. Their mission is to streamline the process of testing and certifying cannabis strands for use in the medical marijuana industry. As part of that mission, they use their website as the primary tool for tracking samples and delivering test results to their customers. Additionally, they wanted to set up a tool for automating their lab processes and facilitating the computations required for making DNA test determinations. Nishan Karassik, a co-founder of the company, brought me on board to help him design and build out the application using Laravel.

Technical Details:

  • Laravel
  • Stripe
  • Bootstrap
  • Wkhtmltopdf PDF Generator

Project Goals:

  • Allow Phylos Lab Technicians to track shipments, orders and samples that are sent to the lab.
  • Enable clients to purchase DNA tests and other supplies using Stripe as the backend credit card processor.
  • Facilitate DNA testing by managing sample plating and preparing plate test data for a Quant Studio PCR System.
  • Analyze Quant Studio result data and implement algorithms for determining test results based on that data.
  • All lab processes incorporated into the application need to be ISO certified

Highlighted Achievements:

  • Uses several Stage Right Labs Open Source Packages: Form Validator, Parley Messenger, among others.
  • Implemented Custom Stripe Billing Library
  • Created a tool for processing sample test results and submitting result determinations to lab techs for review; works for multiple types of DNA tests.