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Mercutio has been a pet project of mine for quite some time. Not so long ago I was doing a lot of work as a stage manager for live theatrical productions. When working as a stage manager there are many different types of recurring emails that need to be sent out on a daily basis. Mercutio encapsulates many of the ideas I have had about simplifying those processes and making work easier for stage managers, even if only a little bit.

Technical Details:

  • Laravel 5.1
  • Bootstrap
  • Stripe

Project Goals:

  • Faciliate mailing list management for theatrical productions
  • Make it as easy as possible to send rehearsal reports both embedded within the body of an email and also attached to the email at the same time.
  • Use templating to automate the content of emails sent out on a daily basis.

Highlighted Achievements:

  • Uses two different Stage Right Labs open source projects: Sentinel and Parley.