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Icareinsite is a service that aims to simplify the process of obtaining & understanding the medical records of loved ones in managed care. Customers who have loved ones in extended hospital stays, or in a managed healthcare facility can use icareinsite to receive ongoing summaries of their loved ones' medical reports, annotated and compiled by icareinsite staff nurses.

Technical Details:

  • CodeIgniter / PHP
  • Design by Karen Waters

Project Goals:

  • Allow authorized relatives to receive regularly updated copies of their loved one's medical records, obtained via a licencsed third-party record retrieval agency.
  • Notify customers as their record requests enter each new stage of the retrieval process.
  • Allow staff nurses to review medical records and create laymen-friendly summaries to accompany them.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Created a system for automating regular medical record requests and managing the medical records returned from the record agency in a HIPPA compliant manner.
  • Created an interface for nurses to easily enter medical record summaries and notes into custom pdf reports.
  • The system also manages assigning nurses to medical reports and allowing supervisors to review and approve summaries before they are sent to the end user.

Special Features:

  • A custom HIPPA compliant PHP file management system is employed for managing applicant's documents and medical records, one that augments the file management functionality provided by CodeIgniter.