Dave Durham Live - http://davedurhamlive.com


Dave Durham is a country singer based out of Kissimmee, Florida. He was looking to create a web presence that would allow him to sell digital copies of his numerous albums as well as allow his fan-base to connect with him online.

Technical Details

  • HTML / Flash

Project Goals:

  • Allow fans to get in touch with Dave and to keep up to date on his activities.
  • Allow for digital and hard-copy sales of his records through the website.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Created a branded web experience consistent with the themes of his music and his identity as a country music performer.
  • After looking at numerous options, we set up an account with CD Baby to handle payment and shipping logistics.
  • Created a system for managing a mailing list that allows Dave to keep his fans abreast of his upcoming performances and music releases.

Special Features:

  • Integrated Flash music player for listening to sample tracks.