Arizona PRN -


Arizona PRN is a nurse staffing agency based in Tucson, Arizona. In 2012 they decided to completely re-imagine their web presence, bringing in Christina Hogan to create a new site design. They also wanted to allow job applicants to submit applications online.

Technical Details:

  • CodeIgniter / PHP
  • Design by Christina Hogan

Project Goals:

  • Allow for online submission of employment applications, using a multi-tiered application process.
  • Allow potential employees to submit resumes and certification documents along with their applications.
  • Create an administrative portal that allows staff members to process and escalate applications.

Highlighted Achievements:

  • A notification system alerts staff members whenever an online application has been submitted.
  • Online applicants are screened by staff members and when approved are automatically invited to complete a full application online, which includes the ability to upload documents relevant to the positions being applied for.

Special Features:

  • A custom PHP file management system is employed for managing applicant's documents, one that augments the file management features available through CodeIgniter.