Andrea Stolowitz -


Andrea Stolowitz is a Playwright based out of Portland, OR, whose work has been produced all over the country. She received a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission and RAAC to create a website portfolio for her catalogue of plays.

Technical Details:

  • WordPress
  • MailChimp

Project Goals:

  • Create a web presence for Andrea‚Äôs plays, and a platform for her own personal brand as a playwright.
  • Allow Andrea to easily manage the content of the site as needed.
  • Create MailChimp templates that correspond to the website design.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Created special brand/graphic for each of her plays. Translating her work into a visual language (separate from the visual designs of past productions) had not yet been attempted. Working together, Andrea and I experimented with lots of different imagery from her work, slowly narrowing down the options to focus on creating a visual language that was representative of all her work and not just specific plays. We iterated through a lot of design ideas before settling on the final look & feel.
  • Trained Andrea in the use of WordPress and MailChimp so she is not reliant on third parties to add and update content.